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Health in our modern world

We believe treating our health is like treating our teeth. We visit the dentist yearly. We have our teeth cleaned properly. We brush a little more before and floss more after.

Staying healthy can be quite a challenge, we know. Thanks to our advanced medical technology we grow older. However, it is our Western lifestyle is the biggest threat to our health. Our mission is to combine what healthcare has brought us with the knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Tailor-made health advice

Most of us have the ambition to stay healthy as long as possible. We want to feel alive and comfortable in our bodies. But with the overwhelming number of health trends and free health advice online, it can be hard to find your way. We offer evidence-based, personal advice. 


Early detection of imbalances that cause disease

We tend to think of illness as something binary, we are ill or healthy. We now know however that it takes years for a disease to develop. We can measure markers that tell us something is up before we notice any complaints.


Medical doctors 
all cornerstones
to establish a sustainable and healthy way of living

As doctors and as human beings we have encountered the boundaries of the current health system and its approach. Out of dis-ease and longing for sustainable remedies we figured out there is more to health than treating diseases.

In fact if you broaden your scope and approach health - or wellbeing - as a functional system, balance arises by its very nature and a true shift is inevitable. We seek to shift the paradigm of curing illness to caring for wellbeing.


“Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.”

In order to grow, health is essential and in order to heal, the willingness to grow is indispensable.

To us, mind, body, and spirit are connected and are considered of equal importance. We honor the body's intelligence and see complaints as important signals. We thrive to unlock your best way of living by intertwining fundamental health and personal growth.

In our approach we join the brilliance of Western medicine with the wisdom of the East.

We are the travel guide on a 
journey towards
integral health.

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