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Comprehensive 1:1 health programs

Life happens. And sometimes it throws us off. It may cause us to work less effectively, or even to stay home for a while.  

These times call for personalized care that fits the needs of that moment. 

Our one-on-one programs are tailor-made, offering mental- and physical health under one roof. 

"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, then to know what sort of disease a person has."

It works, but how?

The journey starts by identifying what is going on, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This enables us to design a personal journey with a modular plan and tools to take suitable steps. From there it is time to immerse and heal. 

natte bladeren

An extensive medical intake

Identify what is going on

Extensive, evidence based questionnaires


Laboratory test (blood, urine, saliva) from home


A 90 minute intake with a doctor


Clear overview of system disturbances and imbalances


Healing on all levels

Plan your way to wellbeing

Comprehensive personalized health plan


Supplement advice and/or suggestion for additional testing based on results 


Lifestyle advices covering sleep, food, stress, exercise, toxines and relationships.


Goal setting and modular steps in alignment with your needs and wishes

troostende Hands

1:1 coaching and guidance

Immerse and incorporate

Professional one-on-one coaching (6 sessions) or therapy


Online accessibility for questions or concerns

A tailor-made family constellation workshop

This might be a fit, if

There are complaints that don't fit a standard medical treatment plan

Someone is at home and in need of a comprehensive approach to heal and start working


There is an urge to investigate the options of healing without or with less medication


There is an interest in a holistic approach to health and well-being 


After a rough emotional/physical time there is a readiness for change


There is a need for a next step standing at a crossroads of life


There is a wish to optimize health

Our promise


Accessibility to personal health information


Evidence based approach, based on Functional Medicine

Healing may not be easy, but it is super fulfilling. We cry, we laugh.

More to come, stay tuned

We are currently building the PHILA platform. Our goal is to make a holistic approach to health and well-being possible for all. Subscribe and be the first to hear from us. 

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Vers Nieuw Blad


" There are "no holes" in this process. All aspects that could play a role in the experienced issues are being considered and taken into account.
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