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Vers Nieuw Blad

The art of living is finding
your best way of living.

Zulu dictionary

phila (6.3) v. [impila; impilo]

1. Be in good health, regain health; be well; be of sound mind

2. Be genuine.

-philo (impilo) n. [< phila]

1. Health.

2. Life.

3. Mode of living, mode of subsistence; livelihood.

Why phila?

As doctors, we encountered the boundaries of the current healthcare system and its approach. 

We found that our longing for real connection is universal and a key component of healing. Many of us want to work with our body and mind in a more encompassing way. But really, where do you start? 


After years of struggling and studying and struggling some more, we brought together all our knowledge and experience to design an approach to health and well-being we believe is the future of medicine. 

Meet the guides

Your guide is a medical professional on the journey. In practice, we incorporate all sort of healthcare from Western to Eastern medicine. If needed we make use of our wide range provider network of specialistic expertise. 

Want to work with us?

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