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Vers Nieuw Blad

Health and wellbeing in a modern world

An integrative approach to incompany preventative health


Sustainable Health By Personalized Care

Improving health and boosting personal growth. Guided by a medically trained doctor and coach. Designed to take care of the body and mind comprehensively, early enough to make real impact.

Health checks

Get an overview of your employee's health. An extensive health analysis based on functional medicine, integrating mental and physical health to prevent absenteeism and support engagement and health.

Health programs

Tailor-made 1:1 programs that bring together health and personal growth. For those currently not working and those in need of a little more than just coaching. Empowering the individual to take ownership of their health.

"Know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves."


What Makes Us Different?

Health and illness is not a binary thing. Health as a complex interaction of body, mind, and environment. Illness is a process, starting with imbalances that will cause health issues later on. We integrate all knowledge, experience, and tools to reach personalized sustainable health. Human & science-based care.

Mental and physical health under one roof

Evidence has repeatedly proven the relationship between our minds and our bodies. In our approach both are incorporated. We have both medical and various coaching degrees.

Health As An Investment



Invest in your people as if they are your most important asset



Keep your people healthy and prevent the burden of sick leave



Get the ones absent from work back on track in a sustainable way

Want to work with us?

There are "no holes" in this process. All aspects that could play a role in the experienced issues are being considered and taken into account.

Daniel, The Netherlands

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