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Health and wellbeing in a modern world

An integrative approach to incompany preventative health

Health & wellbeing of your people ...

average costs of 1 day of absence


employee with wellbeing challenge is 


more likely to leave you company

result of every €1 spent on wellbeing programs


work stress related costs per absent employee


average costs of burn-out of 5 months


... is your most valuable investment



Invest in your people as if they are your most important asset



Keep your people healthy and prevent the burden of sick leave



Get the ones absent from work back on track in a sustainable way


Integrative approach for sustainable health

Our modern world needs a radical change in the way we handle the health crisis. Current methods and thinking are not future proof. Moreover our quality of life diminishes when we get older and even a decline in life expectancy is seen.

The most frustrating part is that all evidence and experience for a more sustainable view and approach to health is right in front of us. 

We are here to make the shift. 

As most of the people spend most of their time working and companies are most affected by this unhealthy system, the working field is where we believe to make impact now!

Prudent Awareness

Keynotes, challenges and workshops to create motivation for health en growth.

Personal Care

Preventative health checks and intensive 1:1 journeys to reach sustainable health.

Partner in Health

Tailor made consultancy, fitted to your companies' needs, building a healthy future. 

"Know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves."


What Makes Us Different?

Health and illness is not a binary thing. Health as a complex interaction of body, mind, and environment. Illness is a process, starting with imbalances that will cause health issues later on. We integrate all knowledge, experience, and tools to reach personalized sustainable health. Human & science-based care.

Mental and physical health under one roof

Evidence has repeatedly proven the relationship between our minds and our bodies. In our approach both are incorporated. We have both medical and various coaching degrees.

Want to work with us?

There are "no holes" in this process. All aspects that could play a role in the experienced issues are being considered and taken into account.

Daniel, The Netherlands

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